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Help with friend trigger warning childhood sexual abuse. Trigger warning drugs.

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Theodoreb Wed 29-Jul-20 21:31:19

Both me and my childhood friend were sexually abused at a young age me by my mums boyfriend who eventually abducted me for a week, my friend by her dad. I have bipolar and schizophrenia she has schizophrenia and learning disabilities unspecified.

She tried reaching out to me 5 years ago through her brother but at the time I was a junkie shooting up and wasn't in a position to help her. I was too ashamed for her to see me like that so shut her out and refused to speak to her.

Well now I've sorted my life out and she has found me again she is in supported living we spoke on the phone and she said she wants to talk about her dad. But she can't as there are workers present for a few times of her speaking to me.

I want to help I feel like maybe she may be able to tell me as we already know each other's stories but I could use some advice about dos and don'ts.

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