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Funny smell while on sertraline

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BeCoolYolanda Tue 28-Jul-20 00:56:55

I've been on sertraline for around 4 years now, had a break for around a year but then went back on 50mg 4 months ago (I was on 150mg previously.)

The biggest side effect I have is night sweats, I wake up completely drenched! I have a fan on and the window open etc and tried taking it first thing rather than at night but hasn't had much effect on the sweating.

The worst thing I find which I am assuming is down to the sweating, is this faint smell I have that seems to linger constantly. Its not the usual sweaty body odour smell it's a horrible smell which I can only describe as similar to the yellow 'gripey' nappies my dd used to produce when she was a baby! Sorry I know that is disgusting, I feel like I am showering constantly.

Does anyone else smell while on sertraline? Any tips? I find sertraline very effective it's just this side effect that really bugs me. It is very faint so I'm sure other people cant smell it but its making me feel paranoid and disgusting sad.

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