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Will my feelings come back...

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Vampyhooch Mon 27-Jul-20 17:52:37

Currently suffering a bad bout of anxiety and depression and for a couple of months my feelings have been numb.

Can’t feel any sort of happy emotion, love or joy and each day without that is hard.

Started antidepressants this week. Will these help?

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July56 Sat 01-Aug-20 00:59:12

Antidepressants take time to work so you probably won’t notice any difference for a few weeks. Hopefully you’ll start to see a gentle up turn in your mood. Have you thought about counselling as well?
Antidepressants do a good job but working through what/why you’re feeling what you are is important. Has your GP suggested a referral?

Iamnotmad Sun 02-Aug-20 12:08:10

Try and get yourself out and about - visit somewhere scenic, or somewhere like a national trust property that has nice gardens and you can appreciate the beauty.

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