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I feel like its all just too much, i feel like i just hate evrything...

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kitsandbits Sun 23-Sep-07 14:51:24

as well as DPs dad & sister not coming to the wedding, just found out my best (and only friend of 22 yrs) cant come - neither can her sister - or her mum (who are really close to me)

i feel like nobody gives a shit,

its just the last straw for me, this coupled with everything else has just sent me over the edge.

ive just fucking had enough of everything.

icant even begin to imagine tomorrow- dp at work and me hereall day with the kids,

i just want to be happy

why am i never happy?

kitsandbits Sun 23-Sep-07 14:52:26

nobodys gonna be there, i feel like a prick - with no mates

i had 2 friends on my wedding lis t -2!! how sad is that??

and now 1 isnt coming!

im pathetic

lulumama Sun 23-Sep-07 14:53:26

why are you never happy?

don;t know.. are you never happy?

are you depressed? or just sick of all the mither with the wedding and what not

always sounds like you are the one holding it all together

what do you do when DP is at work?

mums & tots, park, friends round, soft play ?

you need a Plan so the week is not stretching ahead like an intolerable length of unfillable time

sod the wedding, go to a regisry office with two witnesses and spend the money on a nice holiday for you and the family

SSSandy2 Sun 23-Sep-07 14:53:42

and if the wedding date was changed, could they then come? Is that a possibility?

fawkeoff Sun 23-Sep-07 14:54:21

where do you live hun??

missyhissey Sun 23-Sep-07 14:57:50

Poor you, you sound really fed up. It's not pathetic to only have 2 friends on your list, I don't think I would have much more!

fawkeoff Sun 23-Sep-07 14:58:57

yeah hun i dont think i would have many more, and if i did they would be aquaintances more than anything

kitsandbits Sun 23-Sep-07 15:00:22

i dont do anything

i sit on here like a saddo talking to people i dont even know buying a load of shit i dont need to pass the time

ive never had any friends
i cant make friends

the wedding date has chabged 3 times

ive already lost £400 by changing it once - i cant change it agaibn.

i feel like i dont care anymore
dps on antid-ds hes just got no emotion anymore

her hasnt even said anything to his dad or sister about them not coming

he can get mad when i dont tidy the kitchen - but half his family cant be bothered to be a part of the biggest day of his life and he cant get even a bit angry about that?


SSSandy2 Sun 23-Sep-07 15:00:25

what a lot of people count under "friends" is really just people they know. I don't know many people who have 50 REAL friends.

kitsandbits Sun 23-Sep-07 15:02:03

if i didnt have kids i dont think i would even want to go on - i love them somuch they are the only things holding me together

nothing is how it should be

kitsandbits Sun 23-Sep-07 15:02:44

my 'life' for the past 4 years has been the internet - im addicted to it. i really am

it doesn me no good.

lulumama Sun 23-Sep-07 15:02:50

you can make friends, because if you couldn;t, we wouldn;t be here posting,would we? smile

you need some focus.. a plan.. a way to see light at the end of the tunnel

your local childrens' centre will have lots of info about things to do in your area with young children, advice about going back to work, places to go etc

SSSandy2 Sun 23-Sep-07 15:03:22

How do you feel about getting married? Are you unsure if this is what you want?

lulumama Sun 23-Sep-07 15:03:30

how do you thikn life should be? what was your goal ?

fawkeoff Sun 23-Sep-07 15:04:13

aww kits dont feel soshitty bout things hun x, if there are problems with people attending the wedding why dont u just go on holiday and get married there.

Spidermama Sun 23-Sep-07 15:05:42

Aww kits I'm sorry you feel this way. I know it's completley owerwhelming when you have so many little ones - and I only have four - but sometimes I just think I'll cncentrate of getting them all off to school for the next few years, then I can concentrate on my mental health and my relationships.

There's simply no time to maintain friendships (or marriages) when you have so many kids.

kitsandbits Sun 23-Sep-07 15:05:48

i want to get married but i want my family to be there.

my life now is my goal, all ive ever wanted is Adam - since i was 13, all i wanted was a nice house and kids and ive got that

but im not happy, and i dodnt know why

fawkeoff Sun 23-Sep-07 15:06:29

how many babies have u got kits

lulumama Sun 23-Sep-07 15:06:47

doesn;t kits have 2 children?

kitsandbits Sun 23-Sep-07 15:07:50

yea, ive only got 2. 2.9 * 15 months

DS1 may be starting nursery in jan so that maight help.

lulumama Sun 23-Sep-07 15:08:15

you know the old saying, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it....

look, you are young, you have a life ahead of you, there is so much you can do... just need to get out of this rut you are in..

you are a bright girl, how about college, or night school...

what do you think you might like to do when the DCs are at schoool?

Spidermama Sun 23-Sep-07 15:10:43

Sorry kits. I thought you had six. blush Ignore my crap advice.

kitsandbits Sun 23-Sep-07 15:13:14

Thers nothing wrong with my life lulu - i wished for it and i got it - so thats a good thing.

if i wanted to be a lawyer and got to be one - its doesnt mean id nesecerilly be happy!!

im not sad because of how my life turned out im sad because im ill i think, depressed.

Its not my familys fault.

I wouldnt want to do anything else

i dont have the confidence to go to college - i couldnt. i dont want to.

i just want to do what i do but be happy.

lulumama Sun 23-Sep-07 15:15:27

i'm not saying there is anything wrong with your life, but your children and home cannot be your only fulfillment.. there will be too many empty hours when they are at nursery and then school...

first thing you need to do is see your GP

get some help

then find a small way to make each day more positive. find a mums & tots group, or NCT group or something so that you have a reason to go out of the house

find out if the local library has a story session

or even write a letter so you have to go out to post it..

anything at all

lucyellensmum Sun 23-Sep-07 15:18:26

kitsandbits, you have a lot going on in your family just now. Why is your dp on ADs? Have you considered that coping with his shit has been a strain on you? How old are you?

I know what you mean about the internet, it can be a great help and a great hinderance, i find that i am addicted to this thing. You should see my house!!

So, kits, open up, you have posted on lots of threads here recently, i think you are asking for help but you need to come right out and say what is going on, that way, other posters can get a good grip on your background with advice and help.

I have already commented that you are a strong person, so you can be strong enough to turn things around for yourself

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