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I am going crazy!!!

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Rocklover Tue 18-Sep-07 20:47:52

I don't know what on earth is happening to me, but I am losing control. I am really stressed at the mo, going through a divorce, living with my parents, looking for a job after being fired AND just got over a hideous 2 month relationship!

I am not sure if I am depressed, but think I may be getting that way as I feel I am no longer in control. At the moment the biggest symptom of this (and this is going to sound totally ridiculous) is an obsession with my hair! I am trying to grow it out, but have loads of split ends because I straighten it (although try not to any more) and I panic about it 27/7!

I am convinced that ALL my hair is going to break off and I will have to have it cut really short again. It means I can't concentrate on anything, my poor DD doesn't get enough of my attention because I always have this feeling of dread hanging over me. I know the problem ISN'T my hair, but that is all I think of. I have bought numerous hair products and supplements to take and it's driving me insane. I am going to a counsellor tomorrow, so I hope this will begin to help me. I am just wondering if I have some sort of that Body Dysmorphia thing. I am so scared of what is in my mind...sometimes I want to pull all my hair out. Trouble is also I have recently had a few dates with this guy who was saying how nice I would look with longer of course this has made me even worse, have decided that I will look totally unattractive if I have it cut. Oh god I can't believe I am so pathetic, I apologise to all of you with real problems.

Am I insane?

fransmom Tue 18-Sep-07 20:52:02

you are not pathetic and i don't think that you are insane either. it seems to me that you may think your hair is the one thing you can control and so you are focussing on that.

i do think that your appointment with the counsellor may help you loads, if you don't get on with them then find another one until you do find one that you get on with.

please go see your counsellor tomorrow and i hope it goes really well x fm x

ruby7 Wed 19-Sep-07 12:54:21

how was your visit Rocklover?

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