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Leela31 Mon 17-Sep-07 09:56:09

I wrote on the parenting board yesterday and someone mentioned that I might have PND. Thing is, I'm not sure whether I have.

I have a 3yr old and 8 week old. Somehow, I get through the days without really enjoying much of it. I feel that I have totally lost my life since I had the baby and since I am doing all the feeds, I am absolutely exhausted. On top of that, I feel anxious all the time. My baby is not particularly difficult although sleep at moment is unpredictable. My 3yr old is also tough to handle - very clingy and playing up no end. I feel like I have to discipline her the whole day.

I would like to hear your experiences of whether this is just a passing phase or something more serious. Anyone felt really miserable but came out of it as children got more settled?

bubblagirl Mon 17-Sep-07 10:15:46

i would say speak to hv or gp as you are describing how i felt i had border line postnatal depression and was kept monitored

and for your 3 yr old daughter i would say it will get easier she is fighting for your attention obviously new babay would need a bit more attewntion and she is acting out for your attention see if you camn get her helping yopu even if just passing wet wipes big praise wjhat wonderful big sister you are were at eam hi 5 anything to make her feel she doesn't have to act out for your attention and when baby sleeps have a storyt time with her or just cuddles and tellher how wonderful she has been and also if you can ignore bad behaviour and try and coax her out by trying to include her if still playing up calmly place her in time out

good luck do still speak to your gp i did nothing to be ashamed of raising children is a tough job

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