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ADs and PMT

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lucyellensmum Tue 11-Sep-07 17:06:44

I am on 20mg citalopram, this will have been my first period since starting just over a month ago. My periods have been irregular anyway and dont get that many now as i have a marina coil (its going!). I have been the psycho bitch from hell, admittedly this weekend has been really bloody stressful but i have felt so depressed, worse than ever and i just wondered if anyone has any experience of the effects of ADs on PMT. I am mainly on them for anxiety.

wildwoman Tue 11-Sep-07 17:08:45

Citalopram can make you worse before you get better, talk to your GP (if you can get an appointment!) as it may need time or they may just be the wrong ads for you.

lucyellensmum Tue 11-Sep-07 17:41:42

they seemed to be working really well and i have to say i do feel much calmer once ive taken them in the morning. I just feel i need a higer dose. I just wondered if they affected PMT is all?

wildwoman Tue 11-Sep-07 17:47:23

If anything it has smoothed over my PMT "episodes" After a month or so I felt that they weren't working aswell as they had been (and not as well as the first time I used them) so my GP upped my dose to 40mg...I'm feeling a lot better after a month on this dose so maybe you are right. One thing to bear in mind though...any side affects get worse if you increase the dose.

NAB3 Tue 11-Sep-07 17:54:34

My ADs didn't stop the PMT. Agnus Castus did that.

lucyellensmum Tue 11-Sep-07 18:12:13


wildwoman Tue 11-Sep-07 18:12:52

he presents hells kitchen wink

lucyellensmum Tue 11-Sep-07 18:13:30

yes, ive thought aobut that, i luckily havent had many side effects yet

wildwoman Tue 11-Sep-07 18:15:04

ahh but neither did I...until I had a runny tummy 5 times a day for 4 weeks....luckily that stage has passed! (fingers crossed)

NAB3 Tue 11-Sep-07 18:57:44

It is a herbal tablet from Holland And Barratt and is fab.

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