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Citalopram and dealing with anxiety when I come off it....

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housemartin Tue 28-Aug-07 12:21:48

I have been taking Citalopram for post-natal depression, and it has been fantastic. I have realised that it has also helped immensely with my general anxiety levels which I have always had. (I just didn't really realise how bad it was until it went away!)

I think I will be ready to start decreasing the AD dose soon, and my GP is talking about it. Before I go back to him, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice about ways to deal with my anxiety, which I am fairly sure will return when I stop the Citalopram. I am talking about jittery feelings, feeling of impending doom, slight OCD - if I don't do something things will go wrong, have I locked the door, etc, OTT phobia of wasps blush (we currently have a nest just outside the kitchen window and I just don't CARE - bliss...)

Jackaroo Tue 28-Aug-07 15:53:08

lol House - I know that feeling well........

Have you had any therapy/counselling? in MVHO, that is the best way to go. After 2 years of drugs and therapy I'm feeling OK coming off the drugs.. and anxiety not rearing it's head in a huge way..... except today, but that might be because I'm a year older hmm

housemartin Wed 29-Aug-07 09:51:07

Thanks for that. I had some sessions with the practice counsellor before I tried the ADs, but it was a bit hit and miss. Maybe will try again. Did you go private?
I'm hoping too that my new laid-back attitude will stick even after I've stopped taking the citalopram - it's great to hear that you feel better even after coming off the ad's.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday, by the way.

ruby7 Wed 29-Aug-07 17:32:30

Hi House

What dose are you on?

It's amazing and wonderful when they work isn't it? Such a relief!

I am still trying to work out how to be anxiety free without drugs, so interested to hear what other people say.

housemartin Wed 29-Aug-07 20:03:57

Hi Ruby. I'm on 30 mg. 20 worked for me at first, and then after a month or so stopped working, but putting it up to 30 has seemed to be fine.
The depression made the anxiety worse, but it's something I've always lived with. I can see it more clearly now it's not there. Funnily enough, I can also see that my Dad and my sister suffer from it too, so, nature or nurture, it's quite ingrained. I'm thinking of trying hypnosis - only because I did a short course once and I think it can be effective for some things. Any other suggestions would be helpful...

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