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exersize is good for depression

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chocbiscuits Sun 26-Aug-07 11:45:21

I heard that exercise is great for helping depression. Has anyone tried lots of exercise and still had depression?

Sunshine good too (when there is any!). Hence walking in the sunshine should be brilliant grin. I've had some bad patches in the past but have been able to come out of them.

Sorry if I'm being unhelpful, I do know what it's like if you're feeling really bad and someone who doesn't understand just comes along and says 'Cheer up!'. smile. You've got to grab the bull by the horns and deal with your demons by doing something about them.
Have to go and clean the house....

RuthChan Sun 26-Aug-07 12:40:37

Yes, exercise is good for depression.
It gives you an opportunity to unleash pent up aggression, clear your head, get out of the house etc.

However, real depression is unlikely to be cured by exercise alone. For that you need to find and treat the root cause or causes of the problem.

Any idea what they might be...?

cylon Sun 26-Aug-07 13:20:02

excercise is very good for depression. it gets the natural endorphins, feel good hormnes going, which lift your spirits. done regularly can be brilliant. and as a side benefit, makes youlook good too, so even better for depression.
but depends on the depression. and how severe it is, and how well the person can stick to excersies routine.

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