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To think this is utterly shit (Samaritans related)

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PomBearWithAnOFRS Sat 07-Dec-19 05:06:37

It was a recording. Not a real person. Just a fucking recording with trite phrases.
If they just said "all our people are busy right now, keep trying" it wouldn't be so bad, but to hold for 10 minutes then get a fucking recording is enough to push someone over the edge.
I know this is aibu but can one of you PLEASE just tell me I am a worthwhile person and I will be ok... PLEASE.

GiveHerHellFromUs Sat 07-Dec-19 05:10:43

Of course you are worthwhile. It will be ok.

You can talk to us. We're real people, not an automated service. We can handhold until you can get some RL support.

You matter and there are people who really care about you.

user1456915283 Sat 07-Dec-19 05:11:02

You are a worthwhile person and you will definitely be okay. It’s just hard sometimes, but you’ve got this. I’m sorry about the Samaritans recording - that’s shit. You’re worth more than that. Hang in there!

TheSquitz Sat 07-Dec-19 05:11:50

You are definitely a worthwhile person flowers

Broken11Girl Sat 07-Dec-19 05:13:58

That's awful. I'm sorry.
Did you call 116 123? I got through earlier. You can text them too, it does take a while but they do reply.
You are a worthwhile and you will be ok flowers

DeckTheHalls2019 Sat 07-Dec-19 05:16:22

Hey, of course you are worthwhile and you do matter. Hang in there, the middle of the night is pretty shit when you're feeling crap.

That kind of recording would do my head in too.

BagpussAteMyHomework Sat 07-Dec-19 05:18:03

We are here. Are you safe at the moment?

bottomflannel Sat 07-Dec-19 05:21:10

Of course you are worthwhile. Handholding. Keep talking to us.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Sat 07-Dec-19 05:27:05

Thank you all. I think I will be ok this morning, I am clinging on, barely, waiting for my meds to work. It's been a shit few days, and I realised I missed a dose when my thoughts started to get the better of me. I have taken them and am just cowering under the covers waiting for them to work and thanking the powers that be that I am off work the next couple of days.

DeckTheHalls2019 Sat 07-Dec-19 05:36:21

Good that you've a few days off, how long do the meds normally take to kick in?

RageAgainstTheSnowMachine Sat 07-Dec-19 05:39:48

I should name change to rage against the answering machine OP just for you brew cake I was on hold to ryanair one time and had to listen to The Corrs on repeat for half an hour. Was ready to jump out the window.
Am sorry you are feeling shitty, you have to remind yourself ''this too shall pass''. I do hope that wasn't on the answer machine. It sounds triggering in itself like that mantra-driven turtle toy from the Apprentice.
But seriously, if you want to chat, stay on here for a bit. I am making a brew but can keep you company for a while. I was on the line to the samaritans 20 odd years ago and I swear to God, the woman was trying to get me off the line. I assume they had a time-limit per person but fuck me, that didn't help although I can laugh about it now. Rage was so boring her samaritan yawned. Anyway, I hope you can catch up some sleep soon. Duvet mode and stillness can work its magic sometimes. Unmumsnetty hugs, Rage Xx

sandalsinthebin Sat 07-Dec-19 05:43:06

Of course you're a worthwhile person. Samaritans having a recorded message is absolutely crap. YANBU. thanks

EvenMoreFuriousVexation Sat 07-Dec-19 05:43:45

I'm sorry you didn't get the help you needed.

You are worthwhile and you do deserve to recover. 💐

Is there anything you can do right now to help you feel better? Go for a drive (or bus/tram ride), gym session, nice hot shower, message a friend and ask to meet for lunch, I think you can see I'm suggesting you get out and about! But also if you have things inside your place which help you feel better then go for it!

TheDuchessofDukeStreet Sat 07-Dec-19 05:43:53

Sorry you’re not well Pombear. You are definitely worthwhile. Keep on with your meds and do some comforting things for yourself, a big mug of your favourite hot drink and a hot water bottle maybe?

Bluerussian Sat 07-Dec-19 05:45:22

I'm quite interested to know what was actually said on the answering machine. Call waiting is generally annoying with all that wallpaper music, I didn't know the Samaritans had it.

PornBear, of course you are a worthwhile person, hope you are feeling a bit better now & meds kicked in.

TheBouquets Sat 07-Dec-19 05:50:45

It might be an idea to try Samaritans again now that some time has passed.
It is so disheartening to get a recorded message and I can understand your feelings on that.
There will be people on here all the time if you prefer to speak here

DeckTheHalls2019 Sat 07-Dec-19 05:52:36

All this talk of tea, I think I'll put the kettle on too so I'll be here for a bit. Can't get the image of the yawning good Samaritan out of my head now Rage smile

You need to tell us what kinda crap the recording said OP.

Rudolphsjinglebells Sat 07-Dec-19 05:54:05

OP you are a worthwhile person and you will be ok.

Speaking from experience, the meds will take time to work so go easy on yourself until they do.
If you feel you need to stay in bed until you feel a bit better, it's ok to do that. If you have a sore throat you would stay in bed to rest and get better.

Do you have anyone to talk to other than the Samaritans? As I'm going through similar I realise how important it is to have someone to listen to you and reassure you. I see a therapist weekly and it's so good to have someone to listen and reassure me.
If you don't have that IRL, we are here.

RedHelenB Sat 07-Dec-19 05:55:38

I think yabu. The Samaritans is a voluntary service, they would try to man as many phones as they can.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Sat 07-Dec-19 06:00:21

It was weird. Like a person answering, and you think "oh at last" but then she just kept saying out of context phrases as I spoke. I realised something was weird and said " are you a real person" and then came another trite "do you need to talk to a volunteer right now? " and I realised it was just a recording. It was like a tiny betrayal if that makes sense, like even the Samaritans couldn't be bothered with me sad It was really really "odd"
Thank you all for being real!
I am sleepy now, and in bed, so will try to nod off, I have my music playing - Marillion if anyone cares! I am hoping to get a few hours sleep and things to be better in the morning.

Rudolphsjinglebells Sat 07-Dec-19 06:03:00

I've never heard of Marillion, I must have a listen to that.

Come back to us after your sleep and let us know how you are.

DeckTheHalls2019 Sat 07-Dec-19 06:06:26

Absolutely makes sense.

Sleep sounds good... as does a wee bit of Marillion. Check in with us tomorrow and let us know how you are doing eh?

PomBearWithAnOFRS Sat 07-Dec-19 06:06:50

@RedHelenB it wasn't that they couldn't answer, or even that it was a recording while I was waiting, it was that I thought they'd answered and I was talking to a person, but it was a recording and I didn't know. I had to work it out. It was really, really strange!
If it had said "all our people are busy, please hold" or similar it wouldn't have been so bad, it was the thinking I was talking to a real person then slowly realising there was nobody there. It hurt.

marblesgoing Sat 07-Dec-19 06:07:08

thanks op.

Your definitely on the right boards for support here.
Never seen a late night stress message go unanswered here.

You are worth it op.
I hope you've fallen asleep xx

CodenameVillanelle Sat 07-Dec-19 06:09:20

God that's horrible! What a misguided and stupid thing for them to do.
Get some rest. No need to leave your bed at all if that's where you feel safe (maybe for wees and to forage for food) but this will pass.

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