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Living on borrowed time

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anxioussue Sun 17-Nov-19 01:58:36

..and that borrowed time has finally run out after I've been living on it for years.
The question is what do I do now all my options have run out ? There is no more borrowed time.

curlykaren Sun 17-Nov-19 02:03:32


Walkingdeadfangirl Sun 17-Nov-19 02:05:02

I am interested in the answer, been in the queue for a long time.

JollyHolly30 Sun 17-Nov-19 02:16:36

Can you give some more details so people can give you better advice? ❤️

Aquamarine1029 Sun 17-Nov-19 02:21:33

We are all living on borrowed time. None of us are making it out alive.

Bluerussian Sun 17-Nov-19 02:32:00

anxious, it sounds as though you have a bit longer, unexpected but not to be sneezed at. As long as you feel comfortable, try to enjoy it.

anxioussue Sun 17-Nov-19 02:34:42

I'm not sure I want longer it's unbearable but I have to have it.

SeaOfDespair Sun 17-Nov-19 02:41:53

I'm not sure what the post is referring to, but we all have our allotted time and none of us really know exactly when it's going to run out. Many of us believe we have time ahead of us, but don't really know. One thing can change everything.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon and be kind to yourself. Try to fill your time with things that bring you happiness and peace x

Bluerussian Sun 17-Nov-19 02:53:30

Oh anxious, that is so sad.
I agree with what SeaofDespair said, above, every word.

NiteWotcha Sun 17-Nov-19 04:00:25

Do you have someone with you OP?
Or someone you can talk to tomorrow?
Hope you feel better in the morning flowers

HappyHarlot Sun 17-Nov-19 04:14:15

The Samaritans are available 24hours a day OP.

sam221 Sun 17-Nov-19 04:24:18

You can post here with a longer explanation if you want , I can respond. I don't sleep that much.
Not sure exactly what your referring to but tomorrow is another day. Hope whatever is going on, you know there are people willing to help or just listen.

JPharm Sun 17-Nov-19 04:30:24

I’m awake with a baby OP so if you want to chat just to keep you going until morning then keep posting.

BBInGinDrinking Sun 17-Nov-19 04:32:32

OP, your posts sound like the start of a much longer conversation that you need and want to have? People are here, and as a PP said, so are the Samaritans - at the end of the phone for you right now.

Emeraldshamrock Sun 17-Nov-19 05:00:06

Are you okay. There is always more time as long as your breathing.
Things always change, there is always a better option when the last fails.

anxioussue Sun 17-Nov-19 05:20:05

I'm not ok
There are no family and no friends who can help but I need somebody now but I'm alone.
Just life is falling apart at the seams and the person who years ago said I was living in borrowed time was right and it's now run out but I have to keep going as I can't do suicide

JazzyJelly Sun 17-Nov-19 05:21:27

I'm awake op, if you want to chat. As pp have said there's the samaritans. Is there anyone with you?

Mummyoflittledragon Sun 17-Nov-19 05:23:55

In what context did this person say you were on borrowed time? Did they have your best interest at heart?

Alicewond Sun 17-Nov-19 05:24:08

How long is your borrowed time op?

LilyAraminta Sun 17-Nov-19 05:25:11

Hi there! A lot of us are here for you! Each moment that ticks by and each post you make here shows that you still have time. I'm in the US so I'll be up for a while. Shall we each make a cup of tea and those of us up for whatever reason can keep checking in on you?

ReanimatedSGB Sun 17-Nov-19 05:25:37

'Borrowed time' is a pretty meaningless term. You have the time you have. You are here. You deserve to be here as much as anyone else.

GiveHerHellFromUs Sun 17-Nov-19 05:29:27

There is no borrowed time OP, there's just time.

If you have nobody to talk to IRL please know you can talk to any one of us and we will try to help.

Harming yourself isn't the answer. We can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel if you let us x

LilyAraminta Sun 17-Nov-19 05:33:35

Mummyoflittledragon makes a great point! Whoever said that to you might not deserve the right to have their unkind observation ricocheting around your head.

Pandamodium Sun 17-Nov-19 05:54:13

borrowed time was right and it's now run out but I have to keep going as I can't do suicide

Kids stopping you? Any recent medication changes are you on any at all? Any medication in the house you can take to calm you down? Your not on borrowed time your suffering from suicidal ideation.

No judgement from me I have them at least once a year (I once did a full year without and got a cake from family) I digress. It's shit but it will pass. If your not on medication you need to see a doctor ASAP any children if you start considering anything more seriously need to be somewhere of safety.

anxioussue Sun 17-Nov-19 06:02:52

No, they were abusive. No suicide ideation as I don't want to but it's all going to hell in a handcart. No children here so that's ok.

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