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stopping sertraline

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lulabella2002 Sun 12-Aug-07 23:35:13

been on sertraline for 10 months and thought i'd try to wean myself off them.went from 100mg to 50mg about 2 weeks ago but have been feeling strange for about 4 days or so.headache,tired,dizzy,light headed,stomach ache.managed to go to work but knackered after 2 12hour this the tablets(or lack of)or im i just ill.also still breastfeeding ds will he suffer from side effects from my medication being cut?

Dior Sun 12-Aug-07 23:36:31

Message withdrawn

lulabella2002 Sun 12-Aug-07 23:51:39

hi no hallucinatins!felt a bit spaced out for couple of weeks.did loose weight initially but starting to put it back on.also found it decreased libido and made ability to orgasm more difficult-this improved after 3 weeks or so.would recommend it though seemed to make me more chilled out and i stopped wanting to murder my 4 year old dd

Dior Mon 13-Aug-07 08:31:09

Message withdrawn

lissie Mon 13-Aug-07 08:34:28

i had the same side effects when i came off sertraline (and when i went back on them) i would speak to your gp before taking yourself off them. you are supposed to be "ok" for 6m before coming off them (in an ideal world)

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