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Lots of stress, can anyone help?

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superstressedandtired Sun 12-Aug-07 23:29:52

Hi there, I?ve recently given birth to my second child and have been suffering from enormous stress for quite a while. Have had a number of pretty big unpleasant changes in recent years and this all seems to have come to a head in recent weeks.

My GP has recommended me for counselling, and said that medication might help, but I?d like to try other options first.

Has anyone else got any tips for coping with stress? (I?ve got two DC under 2 by the way, so my day to day life is pretty hectic).

These are the things that I?m looking to do:

Getting out of the house every day
Cutting down on caffeine
Eating healthily
Trying to get time to myself every day

I don?t feel depressed at all, in fact I?d describe myself as really happy at the moment. And I?m not sure about mother and baby groups being the answer, although I do go to one or two from time to time.


Dior Sun 12-Aug-07 23:31:15

Message withdrawn

superstressedandtired Mon 13-Aug-07 09:22:52

The diet thing isn't a problem as I eat well, but definitely going to try the relaxation techniques - I suppose it's just finding the time....

MadMumsy Mon 13-Aug-07 10:05:40

Don't know if it will help but if I am feeling really stressed, I love to walk along the river. I am sure that hearing the water has something relaxing in it. Have you somewhere like this and also a swing area where you can take the children for a while and then go and feed the ducks?? Just a thought.

I hope it helps.

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