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Been prescribed citalopram -v unsure -help needed

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yorkiemom Fri 10-Aug-07 08:56:54

I have just been prescribed 20mg of citalopram and feel very unsure if I want to take this.

I have felt unhappy in my marriage for a while due to sex basically.
My dh used to put real pressure on me to have sex and to "keep the peace" I would just go along!!
Recently things have come to a head I cannot do this anymore.
I have told my dh, and came very close to leaving, but like most moms I have to consider my dd and ds, who are still very young.
My dh is desperate to keep us here and will try anything to keep us all together.
Unfortunately I'm not sure if its too late, however I must make the right decision for all of us, but at the moment I cannot think straight.
I don't know if I want to just run away back to my mums with the kids because its really what I want or do I just feel like this because I am depressed.
My doctor was fantastic and said that I am depressed, probably brought on by my marriage problems, and if I take these ad's they will help me think straight and realise how I really feel.
I'm just so confused but I can't afford to make the wrong decision for the sake of my kids I must get this right.
I'm sorry to go on, but would really appreciate some helP.

Weegle Fri 10-Aug-07 11:13:35

Firstly, big hugs to you.

Has your GP suggested anything else as well as AD's? I ask because it sounds to me like you could really benefit from some counselling either by yourself or with your DH to try and sort out how you feel and move forwards. Can you try Relate?

I take Citalopram. It's slightly different circumstances as it's to help my pain perception with regards to a condition I have. I was very unsure about taking an AD or even just another drug to be honest. However I have to say I've had real success with this. I certainly feel more positive since I've been taking it. The only downside (but this could be a personal thing due to my condition) is I wake up feeling tired, but as I say I suffer from fatigue anyway. But given what I was prescribed it for I'm guessing it does have quite good results in "clearing your head". My consultant also said to give it a minimum of 3 weeks before giving up on it and I'm glad I did.

But my number one suggestion would be finding someone to talk all this through with.

All the best.

divastrop Fri 10-Aug-07 11:19:13

i agree with what weegle's are good for pulling you out of depression(when you find one that works for you which sometimes can take time)but on their own they arent much use if there are outside circumstances triggering the's can give you enough of a 'lift' to enable you to deal with the things you need to deal with,but they are only effective if combined with councelling/therapy IME.

yorkiemom Fri 10-Aug-07 20:33:52

Thanks Weegle, my gp has suggested Relate, but my dh won't go so I may just call them on my own.

To be honest I having been talking alot to my mom (probably driving her crazy!!). She has been brilliant and a great support I really don't know what I would have done without her!

Thanks also divastrop, I really need to get my head sorted, not only for myself, but my poor dh is near his wits end, which just makes me feel so much worse. The guilt is awful, he looks terrible, and I'm terrified how my dd and ds will be if we do actually aplit.

But a big thanks to you both, you don't realise what a comfort it is to read your responses, thank you so much xxx

Weegle Sat 11-Aug-07 07:54:16

Good for you talking to your mum - it's good that you've got an avenue of support. I should think it is worth going to Relate by yourself, you never know your DH might come round to the idea once you start going - if nothing else it shows that you are taking your relationship seriously and want to move forward. I really hope things get on a more even keel for you soon.

MarshaBrady Sat 11-Aug-07 08:27:52

Its great your mum is there to support you, but it really does help seeing a counsellor. Perhaps your doctor can refer you? Counsellors on the nhs can be brilliant imo.
And they really can help with feelings of confusion and perhaps will help you understand the source of the problem.
This can make it easier to make decisions (well ime)

ipodtherforipoor Sat 11-Aug-07 08:48:14

I take it and it has made me see problems more realisticly. I recently had a situation with my boyfriend that, before meds, would have had me screaming and packing it in. I, however, was able to see the situation in more detail and could work it out.

try it - you can alays stop if you need too.

yorkiemom Sun 12-Aug-07 11:02:03

Thanks everyone for your words of help and support. It sounds corny but it really does help to know that I am not alone, and others have gone through similar experiences, and come out the other end!
I am just going to take things a day at a time for now, and try and not worry too much about next week, next month etc..
I think I might also give councelling a go.

Thanks again everyone x

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