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Can you get PND 6 months after giving birth?

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Alseymum Wed 01-Aug-07 21:39:47

Am really feeling like a rubbish and incapable mum and have no one to talk to about this. I did feel like this for the first month or two but couldn't talk to my HV about it (that's another story). Things did get better but have really struggled this week. Felt like just getting in the car tonight and driving somewhere quiet for a good sob. Maybe I am just depressed about feeling like a failure but haven't got PND?

TheQueenOfQuotes Wed 01-Aug-07 21:40:31

I got PND when DS2 was over 1yr old.

bramblina Wed 01-Aug-07 21:42:23

You can get it years after birth, you must go and see someone, your doctor, soon. {smile} You will be fine with some help.

And I would say, have that sob, if you need to release emotions, keeping them in will not help. Don't hold back. We are only human! X

Biglips Wed 01-Aug-07 21:43:11

you can even get pnd 3 YEARS after birth..! it had been known

Alseymum Wed 01-Aug-07 21:43:33

Did you get any help? Who diagnosed you?

Biglips Wed 01-Aug-07 21:47:47

firstly is to contact your HV and you go from there. (i wasnt diagnosed it though!)

Alseymum Wed 01-Aug-07 21:54:58

Can't really talk to my HV, we got off on the wrong foot and I haven't liked her since. She came into my home, a couple of weeks after I gave birth, and insulted me by asking DH whether I spoke English and also told me I was doing it all wrong when I was BF-ing my DD!

Biglips Wed 01-Aug-07 22:05:42

well the next place is your Doctors

sorry to hear that you got off on the wrong foot with your HV.

Pinkchampagne Wed 01-Aug-07 22:09:30

I was told by a GP that you can get PND up to two years following the birth.
Sorry to hear you can't talk to your HV, but do make an appt to see your doctor.
I hope you get the help you need. Good luck.

sherbert Wed 01-Aug-07 22:16:26

My HV was useless too, didnt turn up for appointment i made with her, so I went straight to GP. I thought i was overreacting too, but she didnt. DS was 5months+ when i saw gp for the first time.

lillaura123 Thu 02-Aug-07 11:52:58

ds was 7 months old when i went to gp after loosing control of my home and loosing my hubby i shouldnt have left it as long as i did - i managed to get bk on track with help of AD and talking to hubby who i thought wouldnt understand - only prob now is i live in fear that it will happen again now 3 months after having dd2 and feeling emotional all the time and argueing with dh alot!!! and developing eating disorder too

all i know is it comes in different forms at different times there is nothing to be ashamed of and you are doing nothing wrong - and there is no shame in getting help xx

hotchocscot Fri 03-Aug-07 22:12:49

i felt rubbish after ds was born, that I was a useless mum, everyone seemed to be glowing, coping, loving mummydom etc and still had time to paint their toenails and send pretty thank you cards when I was still in my dressing gown at 3pm. However I struggled on and finally went to GP when ds was 7 months old and I was really bad, crying at every little thing, not wanting to speak to or see anybody, frightened to even open my post. I was scared they would take ds away from me!! (they wont). Got AntiD's and feel SO SO much better. Forget the HV, go to a friendly doctor, tell them exactly how you are feeling and ask for help. And if you don't get what you feel you need, keep asking!!

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 03-Aug-07 22:14:48

in reply to op:

hell yes you can!

i plunged, very deeply, into pnd when ds1was around 6 months.
apparently, it can happen at any time up to their first birthday, after that is 'regular' depression.

Meglet Sun 05-Aug-07 12:00:39

I think you can get it for some time after the birth. I have been feeling a bit down myself 9 months after the birth. Hope you get some support from your GP and someone to talk to, you will get better.

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