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Got a councellor appt - scared now

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Meeely2 Mon 30-Jul-07 09:29:19

Hi all - I been on meds for a year, came off a few months ago, with no major issues. I still had very low moments and also very angry moments but my inbetween moments were much longer and made everything easier tocope with. I decided therefore I was ready to see someone about my emotions, feeling level headed but also still feeling the highs and lows which means it will be easier for me to explain to the councellor (when i was on meds cos everything was so 'coool man' i found it hard explaining just how LOW and how anxious i used to feel).

Anyway that appointment has just come through the post and i'm scared. I'm going to have to open up to a stranger! Plus last week DH and I had huge row in which it came out about my anger management issues, which initally he ignored then further into the argument he called me a child abuser (i only really get angry with the kids). He completely and utterly does not understand depression (even though he is clearly a sufferer but in denial), so will in no way support me through this. At best he will ignore that i have having councelling and hope that i come out 'fixed' at worst he will use it against me.

How did other people deal with other halves when going through this?

julezboo Mon 30-Jul-07 14:48:29

My DF is the same, he understands I have PND, although I dont have anger issues its mainly confidence issues, which he doesnt get, one comment in particular on friday he said to 5 yr old ds "mummy isnt a very nice mummy anymore is she"

DS told him I was the best mummy but it still broke my heart, Ive been so low since then, ok so Im tired and cranky but isnt that the main symptoms of PND?

Can't help re councilling have never been but good luck x

americantrish Wed 01-Aug-07 18:07:08

go go GO to the appt.
i just started (well 3 weeks ago) counselling at my GPs and its helping so much.
i was scared too when i went. they're used to it. its ok.

your counseller will help you on how to manage your anger (i am bad with anger issues too.) and how to deal with your partners apparent lack of support.

you dont have to offer more than you want to at counselling. you can NOT answer questions you arent comfortable with. they wont press you to. you offer what YOU want. on YOUR terms. and take it slow.

getting counselling is a great first step.
i wish you so much luck

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