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Anyone know

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alexw Tue 24-Jul-07 11:12:09

how long untreated pnd can last for?

meandmy Tue 24-Jul-07 11:16:46

if you feel you got pnd talk to a health professional, it varies in difeerent women

belgo Tue 24-Jul-07 11:17:22

it can last for years in some cases. I don't know at what point PND becomes just 'depression'. Sometimes it will get better on it's own.

alexw Tue 24-Jul-07 11:20:16

sounds crazy, but my dd is now 2.7 but I knew early on I was low. Refused to admit to pnd and kept telling myself that if I kept positive things would improve. Thought anti depressants were too easy an option (stupid I know). Anyway, still aware that I'm not right somehow - no libido at all and it used to be good, tired all the time even though dd has slept through since 6 weeks and no real enthusiasm for much... Sorry, long.

TranquilaManana Tue 24-Jul-07 11:24:38

know exactly wht you mean alex. have been up and down (more down) a lot in the last few years. have been fne for a week or so, now today feeling flat and down and shitty. my youngest is 18m, but is all still overhanging from the first who is just 4.

i think these things will drag on forever unlss we take some control and make steps to 'fix' it. personally.

but i completely understand the feeling of not wanting to admit a problem, or 'give in to it'.

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