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anti depressants whats the best thing to do take them or find something else

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amsr02 Sun 22-Jul-07 13:31:45

On friday I had to go to the doctors for a post natal but before I had my baby I was slightly depressed. He asked me to try them this time. Im still thinking what would be the best thing to do. Iv just heard so many bad stories about them it makes you think twise. just wonderd if anyone had any other ideas instead of chemicals. Iv been thinking about st johns warts but got a negative response from the doctor.

EscapeFrom Sun 22-Jul-07 13:33:46

take them. You wouldn't wonder about painkillers for a broken joint, or antibiotics for an infection. Antidepressants were, at one point, the only thing keep[ing me going, and keep me going they did. Don't stop taking them until your doctor says you should.

amsr02 Sun 22-Jul-07 13:40:25

I havent started them yet. I dont know whats i should do. I know taking them would help lift me out of the depression but if I can do it with out the drugs I would prefer to. But when you do get so depressed to me its like been in a big hole I can see the light at the top but its extremely hard to get out, i seem to climb half way and get pushed back down.

EscapeFrom Sun 22-Jul-07 13:44:06

Still take them. I really wouldn't give it a second thought. Your doctor has given them to you to help you. It's always preferable to try to get better yourself but sometimes you just can't, and you shouldn't feel any more guilty about that that getting a chest infection after the flu.

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 22-Jul-07 14:11:37

Take them

They really arent evil. I take sertraline and they have done me the power of good.

I've never felt more 'normal'.

Pinkchampagne Sun 22-Jul-07 14:18:05

Take them. I was very much like you when I was prescribed them for my PND, but I knew I had to try them as I was feeling at an all time low. They were actually fine & caused very few side effects, but did help lift that awful sinking feeling you experience with depression.
Give them a go, and if you don't get on with them you can go back to your GP & try something else.

Jackaroo Tue 24-Jul-07 09:04:58

Take them. This is not a time to be faffing around with alternatives - imvho - once you're on them for a bit, and can see clearly, you can consider the other options. and I would really push for some counselling - nothing like 45-60 minutes a week to talk about yourself and get it all off your chest :-) Even if it's just for a few weeks (mm.. I know there are advocates of CBT too, but I'm not sure about it for PND .......).
If not for yourself then your baby (ooh emotional blackmail) - all the time you are struggling you will have less energy to deal with DC and that's not good for either of you!

PS I'd been avoiding them for 15 years before I finally took some for a while 4 years ago - it's the preaching of the converted I've thrown away 5-6 prescriptions in that time... oh if only I'd known!

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