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Bings eating while depressed is ruining my health help!

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Sunshine78 Thu 19-Jul-07 08:34:04

I've been depressed for years and one of the signs I'm having a bad day/period is I binge eat up until now the only side effect of this has been my weight - somehting else to get depressed about! I now really want to break this cycle of binge eatting as its really affecting my health I'm currently in a great deal of pain due to a tear caused by having the runs/constipation from all the binges I've had recently. ALso up until now have hidden it from DH but DS is 3 and beginning to take notice last week he got upset when I wouldn't let him have 1 of the 7 packets of crisps I was in the middle of eatting - its not good for him to witness this but when I feel the need to binge I just seem to lose control. Sorry so long but has anyone any advice please.

blahblahblahniks Thu 19-Jul-07 20:56:52

Poor you! Did you grow up in an environment where bingeing was normal? I did and it's taken me a long time to stop. I went to see a hypnotherapist. Also now when I want to binge I immediately do some exercise - it's pretty hard to shovel in ten doughnuts on a treadmill

I'm by no means skinny now, I still have a stone to lose before I'll be back to my prebaby weight, but when I think about bingeing it just loses it's appeal.

Good luck. Hope you sort it out. You are by no means alone in this you know, it's very common.

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