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Oh I am fed up with today already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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stoppinattwo Mon 16-Jul-07 07:57:18

I am on a real downer today.............

Nothing has gone right, Started bad with a 4.50am wake up

A stupid thought woke me up and I couldnt go back to bed.

then one thing after another, God I am so pissed off today. Just let one person say the wrong thing to me............. cept you mnetters of course

slinkyjo Mon 16-Jul-07 08:11:55

i know how your feeling, im ready to explode, i had the most hetic weekend n get up this morning to my ds throwing a paddy n my dd being mardy come downstairs to find that my dp hadnt even done the washing up for me hes done sod all all weekend n ive done a huge part for me mate cooking for three days and 2 hours sleep a night im prpoer pissed off n had enough i just what to go away on me own for a few days

slinkyjo Mon 16-Jul-07 08:12:23

and i cant spell today lol

Biglips Mon 16-Jul-07 08:14:40


well im ok apart from DD came out in chicken pox yesterday..i had plans yesterday!!! ...oh well its just one of those things!!

stoppinattwo Mon 16-Jul-07 08:23:19

thanks guys..............and the fecking car wouldnt start this morning.

Nothing is going right today, i just want to go home and back to bed.

Sorry bout spotty least they are out of the way though.

Biglips Mon 16-Jul-07 08:24:11

oh no!!....stoopid car!!

yea ive been waiting for this day to come!!

stoppinattwo Mon 16-Jul-07 08:25:07

it did start eventually, then the fanbelt started screeeeeeeching...........<<apologies to the neighbours >>>

oh i want to cry..........

slinkyjo Mon 16-Jul-07 08:34:35

i hate chicken pox! my dd is going back to school today after being off ten days with them, my ds still hasnt had them yet? knowing my luck he will get them when their supposed to go back to school lol

BandofMuggles Mon 16-Jul-07 08:42:14

My day started at 5 too. Aaaargh.
Am trying to think of things to fill 6 weeks without playschool
Not much to do round here, esp when you're a bit brassic.

Hope your day gets better stoppin.
On bad days I covet your MN name

stoppinattwo Mon 16-Jul-07 12:48:07

BOM you can covet my name ant time

My kids slept through till 8 this morning

just stupid thoughts and worries woke me up so bloomin early!!

I am knackered now though.

ComeOVeneer Mon 16-Jul-07 12:53:38

Not a great day here either. Forgot to make dd's pack lunch last night so this morning was a rush. Then went to waitrose and the heavens opened. Neither ds nor I had a coat so got home soaked and had to change. Then putting the hopping away a large pot of yoghurt jumped out the frigde and covered me and the floor, cue 2nd change of clothes and mop the floor, to makrematersworse it has drippedin between the freezer door and the integrated cupboard door out of reach so in a couple of days the kitchen will stink. Then opened a bottle of actimel and put it on the side whilst got ds a drink. Meanwhile ds picks up sid bottle of actimel and covers himself and floo in it cue 2nd change for him and 2nd mopping of floor. Then go up to dd's bathroom to put in fresh towels, and find goldfish floating dead, so flushed down loo.

stoppinattwo Mon 16-Jul-07 13:04:14

not such a good day for the golfish then??

gosh sounds like a catalogue of stuff gone wrong.............are we all sure it isnt the 13th today????

stoppinattwo Mon 16-Jul-07 13:04:48

meant to put a sad face by the goldfish bit

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