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Can't make a decision

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morethanmum Wed 11-Jul-07 11:07:29

OK, I'm feeling a bit hormonal anyway, but can't decide what to do. Basically, got married, wasn't 'allowed' to work, started career later (few years after uni), had baby, got remarried, had more babies. As dh 2 is older and more established, couldn't risk his career for mine, so I did all the picking up kids when sick, staying off for stuff, etc. Still got exams, but now not working as pg (no4). Always wanted to be a writer, won a couple of things (magazine comps), wrote at uni. Whay now? Expensive to keep up prof membership, but need to if go back to same job. Too scared of failure to write my book and send it off. Couldn't bear the confetti rejection letters esp as seems only celebs getting published at mo. How likely am I to go back to work in same thing? Feeling down about whole having it all thing sold to me at school, but reality bit different.

PinkMartini Wed 11-Jul-07 11:24:36

Hi there
There seem to be quite a few complicated things that are getting to you here but all I'd say is your book WILL get rejected but so did JK Rowling's originally! Keep the faith - if you're good enough to win magazine competitions you're publishable - you CAN Do this.
Good luck
(bumping for someone else to come and say something helpful)

oneplusone Thu 12-Jul-07 12:55:21

Exactly what PM said, your book will get rejected but you just have to keep trying. I've heard so many successful people say that they failed many times before making it, but you just don't get to hear about people until they make it, so it seems they made it on the first attempt.

Believe in yourself, have patience and perseverance and you will get there. Like they say, anthing is possible if you really want it.

Good Luck !

Jackaroo Thu 12-Jul-07 13:02:21

Can I recommend sending something to one of the imprints at HOdder (assuming they fit your writing...). They are about the only publisher who take unsolicited manuscripts, and occasionally write back with good advice. Don't be disheartened if they don't of course, but it might be worth a go. If you just send it to one place, you won't get confetti :-)

Also, remember that you don't need to write a whole book and send... just the 1st chapter ;)

Maybe I should have said first, just start writing, more and more, you may suddenly find that you really like what you've written, which will give you more confidence.

Good luck!

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