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side effects of prozac?

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Yorkiegirl Sun 08-Jul-07 19:18:52

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sun 08-Jul-07 20:31:45

Message withdrawn

Hassled Sun 08-Jul-07 20:33:31

My DD has been on Prozax (fluoxetine) - and yes, itchiness was one of the early symptoms, although it passed fairly quickly. Have a Google - there are loads of side effects but in DD's case the benefits definately outweighed them.

wrinklytum Sun 08-Jul-07 20:37:03

Hi YG I have googled and it does list itching as a possible side effect.

How long have you been taking them?

I think it can take a couple of weeks before they start to work.

Hope that the itching is not too troublesome for you.

xxx Wrinkly.

onlyjoking9329 Sun 08-Jul-07 20:37:21

how long have you been taking them? have you had the skin itching from when you first started on them?

mummytosteven Sun 08-Jul-07 20:42:58

keep an eye on it in case it turns out into a rash - IIRC a meds allergic rash is most likely to be on your chest. IIRC another MNetter had an allergic rash to Prozac after a while on it, so got taken off it.

Yorkiegirl Sun 08-Jul-07 21:02:20

Message withdrawn

mummytosteven Sun 08-Jul-07 21:04:11

speak to the docs (you would usually have an appointment after 1 month on them anyway), most side effects are usually while your body is getting used to them during first two weeks.

Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 21:07:48

I would ask GP about it, should be down for a review 4-6wks after being put on it as should now be able to tell if it is the righ AD for you.

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