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Help for men coping with partner with PND - is there any out there??????

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mummyemmy Fri 06-Jul-07 20:59:44

I'm writing this for my husband.....

I have had PND since my DD was 10 weeks, she has just turned 1. I was put on Seroxat until April this year, but they weren't helping me, so got referred to a psychiatrist and he changed me to venlafaxine and I got signed off work for 7 weeks. I am back at work, tablets seem to help, but still having some bad days, some very bad.

My husband is at the end of his tether. He has always been very domesticated and hands on with our DD, but even more so since I've had PND. Some days he does everything, cos I just cannot get motivated to do anything. I sit and stare into space and lose my temper so quick nowadays. I spend lots of time in tears.

I have had a look on the web for support groups for men coping with wives with PND but to no avail. Does anyone have any advice for him, or have a husband in the smae situation or know of any support groups for men??? Please help before PND wrecks our relationship!

bewilderbeast Fri 06-Jul-07 21:15:21

most areas have a volunteer support group for people who care for those with depression or are affected by a family member with depression. I can't remember what our local one is called, begins with a c, but if you speak to the doctor or to your local mental health unit they should be able to give you a leaflet which you could pass on to him.

Coolmama Fri 06-Jul-07 21:31:43

Try getting in touch with this support group - they offer help for both women with PND and their partners. HTH

mummyemmy Fri 06-Jul-07 21:42:33

Thanks that's great I will have a look right away.

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