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Anyone used online counselling for low self esteem?

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Batsypatsy Tue 12-Feb-19 03:22:19

.. and can recommend someone?

I'm early fifties and trying to deal with low self esteem due to childhood issues. I don't have much money to spare but having tried nhs counselling after a long wait I've been very disappointed with the students doing the counselling and would like to try private counselling as I really need to sort this out because of the huge impact it's having on my life, struggling with extreme stress and anxiety and being incredibly needy.

Has anyone tried online counselling for something similar and can recommend someone, preferably without a long waiting list?

Butwhhhyyyyyyy Wed 13-Feb-19 13:03:13

Not quite inline counselling but I was prescribed a workbook from the doctors that I had to get from the library which was very good, can't remember the name though. I will have to have a look. Sorry your having a hard time.

bec3105 Wed 13-Feb-19 13:06:41

Do you mean like counselling through Skype or like emailing?

Batsypatsy Wed 13-Feb-19 18:33:41

Thanks both.

The name of the book would be great thanks.

I'm not good at Skype so I thought email or instant messaging?

tangledyarn Wed 13-Feb-19 22:43:51
You can self refer for nhs funded CBT via this organisation if you are in one of the areas they work in. It's therapy sessions via live messaging.

Batsypatsy Thu 14-Feb-19 02:23:28

Thanks .. sadly doesn't cover my area sad

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