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How low can you go

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HeresMe Sat 11-Aug-18 21:54:33

I'll start out by saying I'm a childless single male, and only came re fore the AIBU boards.

About 8 weeks ago had a breakdown at work and ended off for 6 week's with depression stress and anxiety yep the trinity.

Came back a couple of weeks ago guess who gets pulled this week for drug and alcohol test.i passers the alcohol one no problem but the drugs one I failed not because I'm on drugs, but because I couldn't pee to provide a sample, I offered to take ane other test available, I was left at reception not knowing anything and had to email what happens next.

I had a few breakdowns that day because of this, Friday I got pulled in by Health and safety who as said I should never have been selected and HR.

Feel so despondent I've been doing well and I'm back to rock bottom, and my feelings walking to bus for work and thinking of ways to kill myself have returned.

I. Thinking of handing my notice in Monday as can't deal anymore.

Not sure what I'm wanting from here just needed to vent.

Carrotmama Sat 11-Aug-18 22:29:07

Sorry to hear you are going through this. Please talk to someone in real life who can listen and support you. Parent, sibling, friend? Also your GP. HR sound quite supportive and can probably put you in touch with more support too.
Things will get better thanks

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