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Friend currently going through an episode

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CrispsAndDip Fri 10-Aug-18 14:46:09

My friend has struggled with his mental health for years and years. He lives alone, is unmarried and never had any children. He retured about 2 years ago.

The last few weeks he has emailed me (this is normal) saying that he feels down and after taking his anti depressants - usually feels worse.

I woke up yesterday morning and was browsing Facebook and he posted links to stories about fat people being laughed at, stories about feeling suicidal and his caption was "I've had better nights".

I immediately rang him and asked if he was ok, he said he was feeling better but that he was desperate last night and filled with self pity.

He is very down about his weight and mobility. I have suggested he come to slimming world with me but he keeps saying he isn't ready.

He has messaged again today to say he is feeling sad and he hasn't gone out with his friends for his weekly Friday afternoon beer.

I have suffered with mental health problems myself, I still am to a degreee but I don't know how to deal with this.

He is one of my oldest and closest friends and I have serious concerns that he will harm himself. He has a history of self harm and suicidal thoughts.

He lives in a flat under his Aunt but doesn't really have any other family.

Does anyone have any advice on things I should or shouldn't say?

I don't want to ignore his calls for help but he is saying he does not want to meet up as he would be terrible company.

I can't go to his house because he doesn't like me seeing where he lives (he is embarassed at what I suspect is probably a very untidy environment).

He is extremely sensitive and he gets upset with situations like for example, an engineer having to come to his house, a change in routine.

CrispsAndDip Fri 10-Aug-18 14:46:33


VanessaLilly Sat 11-Aug-18 11:17:01

You sound like such a lovely friend.
Pursuade him to go to his GP and you go with him. There is loads of support out there. Don’t take no for an answer.

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