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2infinity Wed 13-Jun-18 23:40:14

Does anyone on here suffer from PTSD? I was in an abusive relationship a few years ago. Needed therapy and antidepressants, started doing loads better however have had a major set back. I'd like to talk to someone on the same boat. If any one is and is up for a chat, send me a message. I try and hide it from friends and family but need someone to talk to who has been through this or similar.

Letitgo2018 Thu 14-Jun-18 01:02:22

Hi there infinity yes I have. How can I help ?

2infinity Thu 14-Jun-18 03:55:58

I just feel a bit disappointed in myself at the moment. I had therapy which really helped, came off my antidepressants and was doing so much better. I'm now on citraopram and gp gave diazepam for when I have panic attacks. Lying in the bath last night the flash backs started again. I'm back to not sleeping. I just feel no one really gets it and I should "just get on with it" but I'm struggling. I'm going through criminal injuries at the moment (Not that I even want a lot of money, I just want to pay off the date he put me in) it's so intense and I'm having to talk about it loads with lawyers ect so I'm pretty sure that's the trigger. How are you coping? Is domestic abuse the reason for your PTSD?

2infinity Thu 14-Jun-18 03:57:20

Debt not date hmm sorry predictive text!

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