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Anxiety in pregnancy - am I alone?

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Jaymay Tue 13-Mar-18 12:56:12

Hi. I have posted this query in another thread but thought it might be useful to create a new thread too.
I wondered if anyone could give me some feedback and let me know whether I am alone in my feelings? My husband and I have been together for 15 years and married for 7. At Christmas we both decided to loose some weight then in Feb start to try for a baby. Because I have irregular periods we thought it would take some time and have a holiday in the UK booked for June with the idea that if nothing happened by then we would go the GP. 3 weeks later and we've just found out we're pregnant. I knew even before we did the test as my period was odd, I had strange pains, knackered and needing to wee constantly.
The problem is that I am quite an anxious person. Never sought any help but I get claustrophobic in the car, on a plane, on a train etc. Have a fear of blood, needles etc.
Since finding out I'm pregnant I've really gone into a bit of a panic! It's just come so quickly I can't take it in! I feel ok about it one minute, then the next just can't cope with the idea of being pregnant and am terrified what sort of a parent I will be!
This is causing a massive lack of appetite (am forcing myself to eat to try to reduce symptoms of dizziness etc) and as you can tell seeing as it's 4:39am am unable to sleep! In bed I just start panicking about how our lives will change, how I will be when pregnant, how I hate blood tests, I can't stand the idea of giving birth etc and I lie here feeling hot, sweaty with a racing heart all night!
My main fears are me / baby (although that's scary to even say) not getting enough food due to my lost appetite, the racing heart causing illness to me / baby and finally coping with a busy job on minimal sleep (about 3.5 hrs fitful sleep so far and need to be up for work in an hour and a quarter!).
Anyway I read that writing down fears may help and understanding you are not alone. Is anyone else out there feeling the same?
Hope to hear from you soon

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