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Am I getting disproportionately stressed?

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Tenroundswithmiketyson Thu 08-Mar-18 10:22:57

Firstly, I am on a low dose antidepressant - not for depression but for PMT. My DH is saying that the tablets don't work. I am not sure either way. I think I am a bit better but not perfect.

Thing is, I work part time. I am getting stressed with all the things to do around the house and the running around after the kids. Every time I get a bit of time, something happens and I have to spend it on some chore or other.

Today, for example, I had a nurse appointment and then afterwards, I was going to visit my mum. Now DH says a delivery is due and suggested I don't go to my mum's (she's not been well) and come back in case the parcel arrives. When I went off at him, he changed his position and said leave a note on the door. Then I said I'd visit my mum with DD while DS was at Cubs and DH was at football and then DD didn't want to go so that scuppered that plan. Meanwhile, for the past two days, DS is whingeing about going into school and trying to get the day off even though nothing's wrong with him.

I find myself forgetting school stuff and I'm so run ragged, I don't get to sit down til 8pm and now DD is ateenager, she goes to bed late but doesn't settle. She is up and down in the kitchen making a mess and asking for things or to do stuff that is a hassle - like bake cakes and make a huge mess.

I am worse at the time of the month (I am pretty zen otherwise) but I get resentful of DH. He says he has no time to himself but gets to play football and go and see bands and when he comes home, everything is done, and he spends half an hour in the toilet.. All he has to do is help clear up after I've cooked. I don't begrudge him going out but I do hate that I have to work and run the house and take the kids to their appointments - hair, dentist, doctor, optician and half of their activities, too when all he has to do is work.

Stellarella123 Mon 12-Mar-18 18:49:05

I feel your pain, I also feel like this at times with dh who has such an easy life and no responsibility, haha! I do feel worse when it's time of the month, but I try to be positive and think of ways to be thankful, because I am fed up of feeling down about it, most men are the same, 😔

DianaT1969 Mon 12-Mar-18 19:13:57

My cleaner was in today while I was at work. I came home to a spotless flat, with all rooms clean and everything in its place. My bed is made with clean sheets and duvet cover. A little ironing done and hanging up. She comes every 2 weeks for 3 hours.
I would have mental health issues if I didn't take steps like getting a cleaner. It's £36 every 2 weeks and worth every penny.
Know what else I don't do? Try to please everyone.

Tenroundswithmiketyson Tue 13-Mar-18 14:55:39

I could do it myself and drop a shift.

Today it has dawned on me that the family, dh, in particular, take me for granted.

I work hard to get everything done and do the hours I do for childcare, not housework. Yesterday, dh came home to a hot meal. Everything was done bar a bit of help clearing up after the dinner I made. He then.moaned that had put the pots and pans away without lids on . He has a habit of coming in and moaning so this morning I told him to expect nothing done. If he's going to moan anyway, might as well be hung a sheep. Im on strike

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