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feel like my brain is going to explode...please give me some advice ladies

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Ellona Wed 14-Feb-18 22:44:04

Hello ladies, a little bit of back ground I have suffered with anxiety for many years now but at the moment seems to be particularly bad. I have a 4 year old daughter who's friends mum has invited us for dinner. My question is how do I calm my nerves for this as my anxiety is always heightened when talking to people I don't know much. I don't want to come across weird n have them not involving my daughter in social activities because of me. Please help

chocolateworshipper Thu 15-Feb-18 20:41:53

Have you tried any mindfulness techniques?

Ellona Mon 19-Feb-18 14:49:18

Thank you for the reply. No I haven't any tips for where to find the best information would be great

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