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Doctors for small breasts?

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BlankSpace1 Wed 14-Feb-18 19:34:16

I'm expecting to get some hate on this thread.. but I hope not! My question is about going to the doctor's about having small breasts. I'm 23, up until now I a small B cup, which I felt was small but I was okay with it, since having my 2 children however I am barely filling an A cup.
I am aware that beauty is more than skin deep and I do try to be positive with my body (I am weight training for bikini competitions for example) but it is affecting my every day life. I will only wear tops that are loose and baggy, I cannot shop for bras without getting upset and ending up more suited to the section for your first bra. I refuse to wear padding, they seem misleading to me, not to mention my boobs are so small they just ride up anyway as nothing holds them in place. I don't feel like a woman, whatever I wear, however nice it is, all I can see is my flat chest and I struggle to be seen by others when it's all im aware of. My partner is supportive and he loves me, but he knows how much it gets me down. I would happily pay for a boob job but with my full time uni I have no opportunity to even think about earning enough right now. I already have mental health issues, and this seems to add to those now. I don't want to go and get laughed at or seem like im trying to scrounge from the NHS, im really not, but I really don't know what to do! Anyway thanks for reading 🌸 (posted in general health too cus I didn't know where it really belonged)

VileyRose Thu 15-Feb-18 14:23:19

I don't think you should get funding on the NHS but the doctors would be a great place to start.

GummyGoddess Thu 15-Feb-18 14:30:50

Your boobs are made of fat and you're training for bikini competitions. Your body isn't going to want to hang onto that fat just because it's in your boobs unfortunately. This is why many women who train for this have boob jobs, the need for a lower body fat % isn't compatible with wanting bigger boobs.

You're going to have to wait until you can afford to pay for it yourself unfortunately. I wish you luck in your training though.

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