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Ripped jeans

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DeleteOrDecay Mon 12-Feb-18 12:17:44

As I got in the car to go out earlier, I felt cold on the back of my leg to find that my last clean pair of jeans have ripped/worn out. I have other jeans but they are currently in the washing machine.

Knowing that this was my last clean pair of suitable trousers (I.e not slobbing around the house clothes) has pushed me over the edge. I thought I was doing really well with my mental health lately and have felt mostly 'fine' in myself, but now I feel so sad and upset and I can't stop crying. It sounds to dramatic over a pair of jeans but it's not just that, it's the fact that I've had to let the person who I was supposed to be taking shopping down too - they are elderly and can't drive to get out to the shops by themselves, and I felt so stupid telling them I couldn't come because my jeans ripped and I had no clean ones. If I didn't get so upset I probably could have slung in some joggers and sucked it up and secretly enjoyed wearing comfies out and about. But I'm in a state now and don't feel like I can keep it together. I really did try to remain calm but ended up unravelling and now I have tears on and off.

I hate how the silly small things always end up ruining my day and my mood. So stupid.

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