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I just don't know

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Minniemouse11 Thu 08-Feb-18 22:53:09

Literally that. The feelings that I have just won't go away, I feel so unloved and unwanted. All my life I've had to beg to be a part of someone's life I just wanted someone to love me and make me feel safe, my parents never have. I was 13 when I first took an overdose and it was quite serious. I've recently done it again and I just don't see the point in life anymore. I'm young, I have my own home, I just feel like I'm drowning and want someone to love me, I don't want to feel like this anymore. I feel so stupid actually writing all off this down into words but I still feel like that scared little girl i was years ago

Crazycakelady17 Thu 08-Feb-18 23:30:06

I’m going through a very similar thing I don’t have any advise just wanted to tell you your amazing and you are worth it even though it feels like your not
Pop me a pm if you ever want to chat

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