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Is it ever possible to fully recover?

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DarthNigel Thu 08-Feb-18 11:01:48

I was thinking about this this morning and would like some opinions...
I've suffered with my mental health since around 2005 when I had a miscarriage. It triggered some depression. I went on to have two babies (one at the end of the same year and one in 2007). I experienced moderate PND after the first one. I think I've then had low level depression, with maybe bi annual more serious flare ups since then-largely dealt with by burying it, and only once going to get medication.
Stbexh was never particularly supportive, indeed may not have noticed. My marriage really began to struggle but then collapsed Two years ago when it emerged by stbexh had been having an affair with a close friend of mine. I developed fairly severe anxiety and depression following that, ended up losing my well paid job (and the security and emotional status I guess that that provided). I began to take medications and went to counselling and CBT which has helped (the CBT with the anxiety certainly). I am still undergoing counselling-its helping me deal with stuff about my marriage (and also stuff about my parents which I hadnt even realised I was carrying but which has been heightened by their reactions to the situations described above). I am back in Work (though in a lower paid job) but I am still having some very dark days here and there. I am in the process of getting divorced and that is causing some stress and throwing a lot of emotional stuff up.

Looking back I guess you could say my mental health has been 'situational' but I can't now remember a time in the last 12 years ago when I felt totally fine.

Trying now to be optimistic-the kids and I have moved house, I have a really lovely new boyfriend, lots of friends and I'm studying towards altering my field of work slightly. But I'm so worried that I will relapse and cock it all up again.

Do you think once you have had depression /anxiety you can ever fully be rid of it? Or is it always there in the corner waiting to jump out at you?

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