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Always thinking the worst

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ftmtb Wed 07-Feb-18 17:48:43

Does anyone else do this sad?

Bit of background, I had quite a hard upbringing, have struggled with mental health since being about 10/11 years old but the past few years have been the toughest of my life in regards to mental health.

But now everything 'seems' to be on the upside! I have a baby boy on the way in April, I have a beautiful apartment that I move into at the end of this month and my partner who I'm very happy with has just won a sum of money which should put my mind at peace with all the financial worries and troubles!

But I can't seem to crack a smile sad
I feel like everything's going to go wrong, I haven't been able to enjoy my pregnancy because my anxiety levels have been so high, I feel so tense just waiting for everything to fail and crash down around me leaving us with no money and no where to livesad I'm also majorly struggling with work finding it hard to go in at all!!!

From the outside I look ungrateful and moody but on the inside I'm fucking terrified... any advice sad?

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