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Crippling anxiety, please help me

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Littlepickle1 Wed 07-Feb-18 14:52:02

Hi everyone, I have always been very shy I hated talking to people when I was a child, wouldn’t go anywhere without my mum, I’m 28 now and I still need her as much as I ever have - not in the same way obviously I go out by myself but I’m always on edge. I was made redundant 16 months ago from a job I loved because I didn’t have to talk to many adults (nursery nurse). I’ve been on many interviews but am so nervous I never get anywhere. Yesterday I went for another interview, stumbled through the presentation I had to do, shaking while I answered the interview questions but somehow got the job, they called me today to let me know. Since then all I’ve done is panic - what if people don’t like me, I have nothing to wear, I’m fatter than everyone else, I don’t know where to go when I get there. All these irrational thoughts run through my head all the time I feel like such an idiot and a total loser in life. I’m sad all the time not because I’m depressed but because I see all these normal confident people out living their lives while I’m wasting mine because I’m to shy and nervous to do anything. Please help.

JamPasty Wed 07-Feb-18 21:58:58

Sounds like a trip to the GP would be in order - you may have something like social anxiety, and a trip to the GP is the first step in getting that sorted. In the meantime, I can reassure you that things can't possibly be as bad as you fear they will be. Also, most people are nowhere near as confident as they look, and even if they are, most people are too busy with day to day thoughts to notice what other people are up to smile

Also - congratulations on getting the job!

TamsinInBed Sun 18-Feb-18 02:01:19

Hi, I could have written your post, I have felt so similar to how you are feeling. Please PM me if you want to chat anytime.

Deborah543 Sun 18-Feb-18 07:35:13

Hi little pickle. I'm simular to you, shy, worked as a nursery nurse and hate interviews. I now work in healthcare and have really developed my communication skills, which was a big focus of my course. Communicating and socialising is not a personality trait and set in stone. It's a skill that can be taught and needs practice. Agree with jam pasty.
Also, I've just started an online cbt course on anxiety and am finding it very useful as I don't need to talk to anyone. Ask your gp about this.

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