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Hand hold please

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Crazycakelady17 Tue 06-Feb-18 23:45:35

I have been drinking daily for almost a year 18 months ago I went to the police about historic sexual abuse and rape from when I was a child,
The court case was late last year I thought I was doing the right thing,
However it has made my mental health bad I have had three impatient stays and I have community mental health coming out daily,

I drink to numb the memories having to stand up in court and relive it was just too much I had managed to burrow it for over 25 years,
I have attempted suicide a few times once last year I ended up in icu.

I’m drinking 70cl of gin a night I have tried to stop in January but I ended up with horrific withdrawal symptoms and had three fits.
I jjust don’t know what to do I can’t see w way forward I’m going to loose my husband and two amazing DC my family and friends have all took a step back as they don’t know how to help me

Anyone with any ideas? I have tried the Jason vale book, I think I need to do a proper detox but I need to ensue the psychology is in place to deal with all the emotions as to why I drink in the first place

If you have got this far thank you I just need to get the old me back

FinallyFree123456789 Tue 06-Feb-18 23:51:37

Please go to see your GP and maybe go to an AA meeting?

It is good you have admitted you have a problem and need help flowers

brewsandbooks Wed 07-Feb-18 00:04:49

The fact you want a better life for yourself means your over half way there !! I don't have much experience with this but I'd suggest setting small goals to begin with, if you set big ones and can't for full them you will feel rubbish but if you set small ones and complete them you will be more motivated to get to your end goal!

I second seeing your GP and keep talking about it !!


Crazycakelady17 Wed 07-Feb-18 09:27:32

Good morning
Thank you both for replying I have a doctors appointment booked for Friday and an assessment with a local drug and alcohol support service but not till the beginning of March.

brewsandbooks Wed 07-Feb-18 13:47:02

Good on you cakelady March isn't to far away and I'm sure your appointment with the GP will help

Lots of love

FinallyFree123456789 Wed 07-Feb-18 18:48:22

I know March seems like a long way off, but you’ve made good steps so far. The doctors may have something that can help you while you wait for the support service in March.
Instead of going cold turkey so to speak have you maybe tried lowering the 70cl to 60cl a night? I know this may not seem a lot but it is a huge step xx

Crazycakelady17 Thu 08-Feb-18 18:42:45

Thanks for the reply I found out today I have been referred and accepted by the CMHT I have been under an Acute service since August,
I measure out the “shots” and left four in the bottle last night going to try reduce by one “shot” a night I can’t wait till March to detox
It’s making my mental health worse

FinallyFree123456789 Thu 08-Feb-18 20:02:56

@Crazycakelady17 so happy for you! :-)
This is such a good step forwards for you ... don’t try to reduce the amount too quickly or it may do more damage long term.
Keep looking upwards you’ve come so far already flowers

Crazycakelady17 Mon 12-Feb-18 12:35:51

Had a hard weekend faced a few fears and my anxiety was through the roof,
But a fresh week and see what he brings

Amonk3ysButler Tue 13-Feb-18 21:45:51

First off I would like to say a massive well done to you, you are a strong and amazing woman! As a fellow survivor (I don't like the word victim) I think the fact that you have stepped forward and tackled your past is something to be proud off! You've stood up, said I'm not going to squash this down anymore and faced it! Yes you now have another battle on your hands but you've already proven you can fight anything thrown at you and survive! Dont be afraid, continue to be brave, remember it's probably going to be a long road and keep your husband in the loop. Most of all... Dont let alcohol make you it's b***h! Take back your power! smile

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