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Chairbear89 Wed 17-Jan-18 17:19:04

Has anyone any experience with PMDD?

How did you treat it?

RubberJohnny Sat 10-Feb-18 12:10:26

Me. I saw professor studd privately but Nick Panay works in the NHS at Chelsea and Westminster.
I had a hysterectomy and ovary in the end and it worked fantastically. I was sensitive to the progesterone.

ginforall Sun 11-Feb-18 21:12:38

I think I have this too. I struggle each month, and its got to the point where I am a horrible person to be with for a couple of days each month. It is affecting my relationships and I just feel so out of control. I've been to the doctors and I'm on a waiting list for counselling. But I'm thinking of going back. I'd sooner not go down the antidepressant route as I feel it's only a few days each month that I need some help. So I suppose I'm just wondering if your experience is the same OP and what you have tried so far?

Candlefairy101 Fri 16-Feb-18 11:33:53

I am waiting for blood results to check the level of my hormones, I only get 5 GOOD days of the entire month.

It was a catch 22 because I felt so bad I could ask for help to struggled each day, feeling like I couldn't do this anymore and then my good days come and I almost forget how bad is it each month.

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