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Toddler NOT responding to her name - Possible ASD

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heretoaskwhy Tue 26-Dec-17 01:21:38

Ok, I know this is been discussed over and over again here and the typical answer is to see a doctor. Yes, I agree but I need to know your experience which could help me to understand this little better.

My DD is 16 months old and she used to be attentive - like 4 months ago and now she seems very much occupied and rarely make direct eye contact nor respond to her name. (well she never responded to her name) but she used to be a little bit more attentive and used look at my face.

Little bit about her do/don't
* She looks at me and eye contact when playing peek-a-boo. THE ONLY TIME SHE DOES IT EXPECT WHEN CRYING.
* She plays with her toys.
* She runs around and likes be chased.
* Use us to get what she wants. - but don't point at them herself instead take our hands to them.
* Use my phone and even play videos on youtube. - even able to skip the commercials if she feels like.
* Pet our cat - not very pleasant way.
* Climb up/down the bed and sofa.
* Recognise different types of food.
* Knows her toothbrush, comb and then respond to them accordingly. Sometimes she tries to do it her self.
* She extends her arms and asks to be picked up.

* Point at things
* Recognise her name
* Direct eye contact - when we need her to

I know some children develop later in their toddler years and some, unfortunately get diagnosed with ASD.

Please share your experience I am really desperate.

heretoaskwhy Tue 26-Dec-17 12:15:16

Help! smile

llmb Tue 26-Dec-17 12:22:37

My 11 year old has asd. He didn’t play with toys other than trains of which he was obsessed with. Lining them up over and over. He didn’t do the ‘usual’ play you would expect at that age but he did respond to his name from what I remember. He also did point to things when asked eg ‘where’s your nose’?

Your dd is very young and no one would diagnose that young (in my experience of the nhs). I expressed my concerns from about 10 months and was always told by both gp and the health visitor that he was ‘just easily frustrated as he is obviously very clever’.

Devilishpyjamas Tue 26-Dec-17 12:22:46


You could ask the HV about the M-CHAT screen. It sounds as if she would ‘fail’ it, but the HV etc may want to wait until she is 18 months before referring. That would be the ‘correct’ thing to do according to the rules of the test, - it is valid for 18 months plus - so don’t feel fobbed off if that does happen.

I’m sorry - you will be told everyone develops at different rates blah blah blah, but not pointing to objects of interest by 18 months is a red flag. And the leading by the hand is a worry (my big stonking 18 year old still does that). But you may want to wait until 18 months.

It may all kick in by 18 months, but if not it would be worth insisting on a referral. Portage etc can be a great support & help and that can start at a very early age.

Do you have a supportive family?

Much love to you xx

Mymomsbetterthanyomom Tue 26-Dec-17 15:12:32

Please DON'T worry too much!!
She is very young and still developing and little ones go through lots of phases!
If you feel it's necessary take her to the Dr,but she sounds like a smart and sweet little girl💗💗

heretoaskwhy Sun 11-Feb-18 20:31:26

Thank you all, I posted the same question on another thread and never really checked this one. Sorry!

llmb - Thank you for your words, I haven't raised the question to our GP yet.

Devilishpyjamas - Thank you, I tried speaking to close family members and as you would normally expect at first denial and accusations of being an overly paranoid parent. Once the facts are given, either leave the argument for convenience or start feeling sorry for us. - So no help there. She will be 19 months old in 3 weeks time and she is growing fast. She points to paragraphs and pictures on her books but never ever point to her bottle or toys. - instead, she tries to get them herself and moan.

Mymomsbetterthanyomom - Thank you for your kind words. Once she is 2 we are planning to seek professional intervention.

I am so glad to receive so much support from mums here and my girl is making little progress every day.

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