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my childs dire situation

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Rockbottom11 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:40:47

My first post! hello all... in a nut shell I have a teenage child who has had chronic eczema since birth and requires alot of care. shes got suspected ptsd and mental health difficulties and self harms from time to time. . The GP referred her for an urgent assessment by the childs mental health team but they are refusing to see her and suggested she have counselling . counselling is no way appropriate for my child. shes also being bullied at school so hasnt been to school in 3 weeks. Ive got lots of hospital appointments coming up re the skin condition but no help at all for everything else. Im her carer and im crying all the time, not sleeping and its effecting my relationship with my partner.Ive contacted my mp to ask for help with the mental health assessment and heard nothing. Should i pay privately for an assessment or see a solicitor as they have a duty of care etc? any advice will be appreciated as i can barely function any more....

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