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Fluoxetine making me worse?

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fionamadcat Tue 05-Dec-17 12:14:45

I've been on fluoxetine (20mg) for 4 weeks now, was given it for anxiety after trying sertraline which really helped my anxiety but gave me horrendous diarrhoea. First few days I felt a bit spaced out had a headache but since then I have just got more and more exhausted and feel very down, to the point of crying when I'm alone. I keep trying to tell myself that this will pass and I'll start to feel better soon but I'm really not sure if I will. I'm not sleeping well, and it's a real effort to get anything done. I didn't have any real depression symptoms till I started these tablets and really don't like it. Scared the Dr is going to just say to keep going with it and increase the dose but I'm really not sure that this is doing me any good at all. Has anyone else experienced anything similar before?

MissSV Tue 05-Dec-17 12:19:52

I was on citalopram and found it didn’t help with my anxiety, I changed to fluoxetine and seem better for it. I suggest going back to gp and telling them your symptoms, you may need to change again x

CakesRUs Tue 05-Dec-17 12:52:41

I was put on Prozac and it made my anxiety much worse. I'm on older. Not SSRI meds, Dothiepin for depression, Buspar and propranolol for anxiety.

They do say it can get worse before it improves, but not for everyone.

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