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Extreme anxiety + eye floaters

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ellak Tue 05-Dec-17 10:28:06

In recent years I've become more and more socially anxious--I have problems holding eye contact with people, or I do it but I feel like I'm drilling into them.

In July this year I developed eye floaters after a colonoscpy. They are really bad and all in my line of vision--translucent worms, black dots. I can see them against a white/unfussy surface or as soon as I step outside.

Due to anxiety I find it impossible not to focus on them. And when I try not to, my eyesight starts clouding up and I can get a headache.

I saw an ophtamologist who said everything is okay and just confirmed that she saw the eye floaters sad

What can I do to notice these less?

HeyMacWey Tue 05-Dec-17 10:30:20

I find that I notice them more on a white background or in bright sunlight.

How about wearing sunglasses when you go out?

Or perhaps cbt to help retrain your brain not to follow them?

Katescurios Tue 05-Dec-17 10:32:09

I have some in my right eye after eye surgery a few months ago, I only really notice them when I think about it, the real trick is to try to forget they're there and not focus on them. Easier said than done right!

Other than that I notice them more in bright light so you may find some lightly tinted glasses help, if you go to boots or somewhere like that they have non prescription glasses with various tints and colours of tint (blue, red, green). If you try a few you may fins some that reduce the visibility of the floaters enough that you can put them out of your mind.

ellak Tue 05-Dec-17 11:39:53

I did wear sunglasses all the time when they first appeared, I found though that I would feel embarrassed wearing them when it wasn't sunny. I might try the tinted glasses.

Going travelling with my husband from January onwards and terrified that it will ruin my experience--we'll be in South America--sea, beaches, sky, salt flats--eurgh!

You say you see yours in bright life--do you see them whenever you're outside during the day?

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