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Morning anxiety

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Nickinoo30 Tue 05-Dec-17 07:29:27

Morning is the worst time of day for me, having to get the kids ready for school and me work sends my anxiety sky high.

I start gagging (im an emetophobe) and am constantly on the loo.

Any tips to get it under control/deal with the panic?

bigfatmeanie Tue 05-Dec-17 09:32:45

Mornings are horrific for me as well, the only thing that really helps is getting as much done as possible the night before.
School clothes, lunches, bags etc
My kids are then on a kind of bathroom relay. One gets up and showered etc while one gets breakfast then swap. My littlest is straight out of bed, face and hands wash (bath night before) and dressed because she takes forever eating her breakfast.
I still spend most of the morning wanting to crawl into a hole but I can just about manage to chuck them all out the door by 8.20
Not sure if that helps at all, I'm scraping by at the moment but wanted you to know you're not alone, school mornings suck!

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