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OCD and anxiety misery

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bigfatmeanie Mon 04-Dec-17 21:39:05

Hi, having a massive wobble at the moment to put it mildly and just need a bit of a hand hold if that's ok?
Diagnosed with OCD and anxiety a few years ago after the birth of my daughter and seem to have cycles of extreme phobias/anxiety/obsessive thoughts.
My most recent is regarding my teeth, I'd seen my old dentist who told me I had two cracked teeth and needed v. expensive veneers put on or risk losing them. I decided to go nhs instead and got a new dentist, in the meantime I've been obsessively checking my teeth, too terrified to eat or drink and have lost over half a stone in the space of a week. I went to new dentist today who just replaced one of the temporary fillings and told me to come back in 6 months.
I think he's left a temporary filling still in one tooth which is terrifying me in case anything happens to it but also the new filling is right at the back of my mouth, behind my back tooth and when I rinsed in the dentist a couple of large chunks came out (he said they were the old filling)
I'm now worrying myself sick that the new filling has fallen out and keep checking it with my tongue and have booked another appointment for Thursday.
Feel so embarassed asking if he's left the temp in and to check the new filling.
I just can't stop feeling anxious, I feel at my wits end with it all.

HooraySunshine Tue 05-Dec-17 01:58:14

If you trust this dentist, then trust what he's telling you. Imagine how nice your teeth will look when the dentist has finished the work, and focus on that image (nice, lovely teeth).

Are you seeing a counsellor for your anxiety and OCD?

Good Luck! smile

bigfatmeanie Tue 05-Dec-17 21:29:03

Think that's the whole problem, he could be a world leader in dentistry and I'd still fret over everything sad
I went to my dr today who gave me sertraline but I'm too terrified of possible side effects to take it so I've booked an appointment with a counsellor.
I've had various anti d's before but have never been able to get past the intial side effects phase.
It just feels a bit of a mess at the moment but I honestly feel that talking about it helps so fingers crossed counselling will make a difference.

hevonbu Wed 06-Dec-17 03:38:55

From your story I don't see anything wrong with seeing the dentist one more time on Thursday, maybe you could discuss a long-term plan what to do in the future. Also: think about what would be the worst thing that could happen to you if you lost the filling? In all likelihood nothing worse than having to set off to an emergency dentist that day, if it did happen, so if you know where you can find one that will probably help. It would feel like crap but you'd in all likelihood survive the experience, it's not a life threatening event though surely something one could rather be without, had one had a choice. Great decision about seeing a counsellor instead. There's a book called "How To Stop Worrying And Start Living", I've read it myself for various reasons, and it does indeed contain some good advice on the topic of not worrying. Check out the author's principles for overcoming worry, particularly to live in “day-tight compartments" which means not to worry about things that might happen (and just as well might NOT happen) far into the future.

bigfatmeanie Fri 08-Dec-17 12:54:10

So turns out although I was worried I was imagining things it turned out the filling had fallen out and I've got a failed root canal on the opposite side.
Saw one of my dentist's colleagues and she was amazing but yet another problem today the other tooth I had filled by my usual dentist is playing me up now!
Feel so embarassed to have to go back again so I'm avoiding it and getting anxious.
So frustrated, I know I should just grow a spine and ring them again!

Pinkcoat124 Sun 10-Dec-17 22:50:04

Hi there. Just met you on another thread and read this.
Make another appointment with the dentist. Don't be embarrassed, you've got nothing to be embarrassed about. Your tooth isnt right so you need to get it sorted and if you don't go you will make yourself ill worrying about it.
I know what its like. I had bother and was obsessed with my teeth for the best part of 18 months. I had pain and the dentist couldn't figure out why. I do believe that anxiety played a large part in my problems but I couldn't think about anything else.
Good luck.

bigfatmeanie Mon 11-Dec-17 09:59:05

Thanks pinkcoat, I've got another appointment on Saturday.
I need to push through things and try to start eating and drinking, I have weight to lose but would rather do it in a healthy way and feel so dehydrated at the moment it's making everything worse.

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