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Struggling to be sociable with my own family

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NewStartAgainReallyThisTime Sun 03-Dec-17 12:48:19

Teaching has absolutely broken me. I quit my job in the summer before I stepped in front of a bus. I couldn't take being told I was a rubbish teacher and couldn't do anything right anymore. It was constant picking away. (In spite of having a happy class with happy parents and (mostly) on track results- nothing unexpected, though)

I should have been signed off, I realise now, but I never felt I could ask the dr and he never suggested it. I'm happier in many ways, but am struggling financially.

On the one hand, my dh says I'm much happier now, but I break down so easily. I still collapse in tears and can't take any hint of criticism (it used to be water off a duck's back).

I wish I could have cbt or something, but the waiting lists are so long. I find myself retreating to my room on my home to hide more and more.

I don't know what to do.

NewStartAgainReallyThisTime Sun 03-Dec-17 12:48:44

Aargh forgot to name change

hevonbu Sun 03-Dec-17 13:46:46

It's OK. Don't worry, it takes time to get back on one's feet again, in January things will feel much better - a new year, spring is coming, etc.

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