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I just wanna be told that ime not the only one that has this kind of anxiety :(

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Chloe25 Thu 30-Nov-17 16:35:40

Hey girls

My anxiety is sooooo bad at the minute and it's driving me insane an I feel so shit I just wanna constantly cry

So I've always had anxiety it was mild until I had my first boy when I brought him home I constantly worried that I was doing it rong and that I don't think I could cope because of the worry anyway I went to stay with my sister for 5 months until I felt confident enough to come home so when I came home I had intrusive thoughts about hurting him and it was sooo horrible I thought I was losing my mind I knew I would never hurt my baby he's my everything but I was still having these thoughts I ended up going to the gp because it got to much they referd me to CBT and it worked great I then got pregnant with my second and was fine until I was 28 weeks pregnant and I watched a video on Facebook of a guy that had schizophrenia and ever since then I've constantly worried that ime gonna get it and ime gonna have my boys taken of me then what will I do their my everything I couldn't live without them and it's just getting to much now the constant worry and feeling sick the panic attacks over it I feel like I can't cope with this anxiety over this silly schizophrenia thing after being told by my gp and Cbt lady it's not gonna happen I still just can't get it out my head and I've got myself in the worst place with it I feel so down and shit I just wanna be back to my normal happy self with my 2 boys and not feeling like ime gonna get this schizophrenia the anxiety I've built up inside about it is just to much everyone I even try to tell about it just laughs at me tells me to stop being stupid but I've made it so real in my own head that it's gonna happen I've just had enough Ime exhausted with worrying! 😔😔
I was just woundering if anyone els worrys about similar things and what you do to stop it!
Thankyou so much for reading hope to hear of someone
Currently waiting for a referal back to CBT

Dark04 Mon 04-Dec-17 20:29:56

What you have is postnatal OCD. And the thoughts you have are very common, I had the same. I have sent you a pm.
In regards to the thoughts, don't fight them...just let them be there. The more you fight them, the worse they get.

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