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Bad stress reaction due to being shafted at work. Any advice?

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shouldaknownbetter Wed 29-Nov-17 20:51:29

I had a really bad reaction to something that happened at work last week. Long story short, a senior manager lied about me/distorted information to paint me in a negative light for my review with my line manager. I explained that things had been distorted and had emails to back this up. Manager said she believed me and not to worry, then wrote in my written review that I was in the wrong (ie she believed manager) and she had concerns that due to this I would not meet my objectives.
I work in HR so please don't tell me to go to HR by the way.

A shitty thing to happen to anyone, but the impact on my health has been severe. I've literally been through a week of very little sleep, unable to eat, unable to think of anything other than how I have been wronged, betrayed, one of them put the knife in and the other twisted it...

Have now spoken to boss about it and she hasn't completely admitted wrong, says I have misunderstood what she put (backtracking) and has agreed to change the review to reflect that it was a misunderstanding.

She has implied I have massively over reacted - I told her I needed to see my GP to get medication to sleep.

I think my concerns were valid, but the way I have not been able to stop thinking about this, eat or sleep for several days has scared me.

Beginning to feel slightly better now but my sleep's still not right and little things can set me off feeling anxious again.

Any advice?

hevonbu Thu 30-Nov-17 04:12:37

Being right, and being admitted to be right, are two completely different things. It's can be quite a difficult position to be in. It's a good thing though if your manager has decided to correct the review to reflect that there was a misunderstanding. Meanwhile take long walks, preferably in daylight in parks or outdoors in the woods which may soothe the mind and improve our mental health.Talk to trusted friends or write about it in a diary or notebook where you can reflect on what's happened, why it happened, what you could have done differently, or what you may do next.

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