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Is this anxiety?

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Ahhh1234 Tue 14-Nov-17 18:37:04

So I've always been a bit shy and I really struggle with eye contact. When I was 9 I developed some kind of eye twitch. Can't remember if it was nerves or tiredness or eye strain. Sometimes I wouldn't know I was doing it. I grew out of it eventually.

Anyway now when I speak to people my eyes hurt and start to water. Feels like in not blinking and then my eyes hurt so I have to blink. Is this anxiety? I feel conscience that I might be blinking like I used to but not sure if it's in my mind. It's particularly worse if I'm nervous or uncomfortable. What do people think? Anyone else had it?

LIZS Tue 14-Nov-17 18:41:19

Not necessarily. Blepharitis can cause such symptoms, for example.

Ahhh1234 Tue 14-Nov-17 18:44:08

They aren't sore or itchy. It only happens when I speak to a person face to face. Then I go back to what I was doing and they feel fine. So that's why I thought it might be nerves

ErinSophia Tue 14-Nov-17 18:47:32

Could be linked to stress, I would ask your doctor about it x

DaisyRaine90 Tue 14-Nov-17 18:52:19

As a fellow blinker I have had anxiety always x

Ahhh1234 Tue 14-Nov-17 23:06:53

Yea daisy I feel like it might be. Just wondered if anyone else had it. Or just me being odd!

DaisyRaine90 Wed 15-Nov-17 07:34:26

It is a common anxiety thing but might also have been caused by hay fever?

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