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Anyone else like this or is it just me weird. Anxiety related

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Haribogirl Sun 12-Nov-17 17:56:55

So I suffer from Anxiety at the moment is doing my head in, I’m trying to not over think and be negative with my thoughts( very hard)
I take venlafaxine

Thing is if it’s not to high I can manage to get out and about, shops, people I feel comfortable with. But I get anxious if they come to my house, like today niece came with great niece(out of blue) it was like I wS listening sometime but numb in my head(crap at explaining)
And wanted them to go really, but yet happy to see them iyswim.
I’ve always been like this, prefer to go there (then I can go when I’ve had enough/can’t handly it Anxiety wise)

Today I’ve managed breakfast/ lunch when I’ve wanted it, but tea time when we eat together is so much harder Especially like after today’s visit.
I’m bloody sick of it, why I’m I like this??
Anybody else like this? How to you cope?

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