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Work stress

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coffeeandchoc Tue 07-Nov-17 13:49:32

Just wanted to write this down. Feeling so low and I know it is work. I have so much to do and more stuff just keeps getting added to the pile. The more there is the less I seem to get done.

I just want to stop everything for a while.
But I can't do that. Can I just not do anything for a couple of weeks.

I felt like it was hormone related stress and my mood was being effected by my periods so had a doctors appointment yesterday. She gave me the pill to try for a month to see if it helped. But now I've realised that if I start taking it I pretty much saying no more children. And I thought I was done with babies (DH would have another in a heartbeat).

I know none of this makes any sense, sorry.
Don't know what to do or think. My head is a chaotic mess.

berliozwooler Tue 07-Nov-17 13:51:48

flowers Taking the contraceptive pill doesn't mean no more children. Sounds like you are almost burned out and need to be signed off work for a period at least.

NolongerAnxiousCarer Thu 09-Nov-17 10:12:09

Echoing PP, if you do start the pill you can always come off it again if you decide you want more children it's not perminant. It sounds like the GP wanted you to try it in part to see if it helped, so as a diagnostic tool to see if it is hormonal.

I also agree that if work stress is the main issue its worth being signed off sick for a short while to recover. Also it's worth speaking to your line manager and explaining how you are feeling. Most employers would rather take action to help reduce your stress before you end up off sick if possible. Also if you do go off sick to help prevent it happening again. Do uou have an occupational health department? They may offer councelling or stress management courses, this is something that may help too.

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